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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I cheated

Day one and I caved. I was grocery shopping, armed with my list of healthy foods, when I passed some chocolate covered graham crackers. Not the yucky kind the elves make, but real ones. And they were on clearance from Christmas. Hand dipped chocolate covered graham crackers for cheap....chocolate and a deal....I just couldn't pass them up. In the parking lot I ate one. And then another on my way home. I didn't tell hubby. I am now a closet eater. I hid them in the freezer so he wouldn't see them and so I wouldn't eat the whole bag. I wanted one last night but I was afraid he would catch me. I sound like a crackhead!!! LOL

But other than that I did great. I tried to drink the last of a bottle of soda but with eating everything else healthy it tasted to sweet so I poured it out. I stuck to one coffee and the rest water. It was not too bad. Eating healthy will grow on me. I hope!


  1. Jess, you're doing awesome! Complete deprivation would only make you obsess about those damned graham crackers and then lead some really bad choices. Being able limit yourself to one per day sounds perfect to me.

  2. Yum! I love chocolate covered graham crackers! I agree w/ the above- don't deprive yourself completely. You gotta have some fun in life! =)

  3. Good deals are my diet downfall. If it's cheap, it can't be bad for you - right? After all it was good for the budget, so I am meeting that goal - right?

    I agree about some indulgence too. You have to take baby steps. I try to focus on eating well during the week and give myself a break on weekends.


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