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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You might an Infertile if....

You buy pregnancy tests and OPKs in bulk.

You have played with your cervical mucous to determine where you are at in your cycle.

You read AI and you think artificial insemination, not American I.dol.

The sentence "My RE did a BETA and my HCG was .2 so this IVF was a BFN." makes sense to you.

Your hoo-ha has been seen by more men than a crack whore.

Vagi-wands no longer scare you.

You know what a vagi-wand is.

You walk into the RE's office and you are known by name. Like Norm on Cheers.

You can give yourself a shot better than most nurses.

Packing for a trip includes your BBT chart, OPKs and vials of fertility meds.

You checking account has more withdrawals from ABC Fertility Clinic than from Wally World.

You think of money in terms of treatments. new car = 1 IVF

You tell your hubby you can't have sex tonight because you are not ovulating.

You know that between your boobies is the warmest place to store a spermie sample during transport.

You know which labs have the best "happy rooms" for hubby to provide said sample.

Your medicine cabinet contains needles, vials and pregnancy tests.

When asked what day it is you answer "CD 4".

Have one to add?? Let's hear it!

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  1. This is hilarious and so true! About 2 years ago I could have said yes to every single one of these.


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