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Monday, December 13, 2010

having fertile thoughts

I had Maddie almost 4 months ago. Before that I was on bed rest for 6 weeks. So I had 6 weeks of no nookie before delivery, 6 weeks after. Then 2 periods, sleepless nights, weeks of migraines. Well, let's just say that this house resembled a monastery. Or a convent. Or my parents house. Cause we all know that they never "do it". EEWWWWWW! This was much to my hubby's dismay. Well, last night we....well, use your imagination. On second thought, I wouldn't do that if I were you!! I have seen us nekkid and it ain't pretty!!

So after we "got it on" (said in my best Chris Farley voice from Billy Madison) we were talking (and cuddling, my hubby is good like that) and I said "Ya know, if I got pregnant tonight I would be due 2 weeks after Maddie's birthday." Did I really just say that ?!?!?! Does my brain not know that I am reproductively challenged? That the swimmers are AWOL? That my eggs are locked up tighter than Fort Knox? Did my cerebral cortex (oooh, look! big word!) forget? Does it think that because I got pregnant once that I am fixed?? I might understand it better had I gotten knocked up the old fashion way, but I don't consider a nurse, an RE, an embryologist, hubby and myself very
'old fashion". Maybe in 50 years it will be, but not yet. So somewhere along the way my brain has begun to think like a fertile. Now if only my uterus will get the memo!


  1. I've never experienced pregnancy. It's been almost 20 years of being barren and I will still have thoughts like that. I am 38 years old. I guess as long as there is a functioning uterus in our bodies and the occasional nookie, there will always be those 'what if' thoughts. Ugh. But just as I have been reminded so..many..times, miracles like this happen all the time. Maybe it could happen to us too? That would be amazing.

  2. You are so very, completely, without a doubt, normal.

    I think that ALL OF THE TIME. "I have heartburn, could I be..." You're a mom at heart, and you were one for YEARS before now. It's just what we do.

  3. Too funny~ maybe the "thinking positive" will work!! And, I do that too, before I remember that apparently there is no communication between my brain and my reproductive organs!


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