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Thursday, December 30, 2010

EA/D clinics??

For those of you that have either done EA/D or have researched it please share the clinics that you have used and/or researched that have programs. We are beginning to consider where we want to go for our next FET (which we hope will be in the fall of 2011) and since our clinic closed we are starting from scratch. If you know of a program please include as much as the following information as possible:

*Web address
*If it requires a homestudy
*How long you waited
*Price range (not including meds)
*Any other pertinent information

I will use these for my own personal research but will also compile it and include it on here for others. Thanks!


  1. I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to let you know that I think that Maddie is beautiful. Have been looking through all of your pictures. Thanks for your post on my blog- I appreciate your prayers.


  2. I used fertility and surgical associates in Thousand Oaks, CA. Total price was $4,000 including travel. Actual transfer $2200. Here is a list of all clinics with donation programs. http://www.embryoadoption.org/clinics/clinic_donation_programs.cfm

  3. We used Nightlight Christian Adoptions $8000
    Homestudy required $1000
    *How long you waited: from when HS final? 2months!
    *Price range Dr. M $3000

    If we do not have a live birth, then for our fee Nightlight will rematch us up to 2 more times. After that for an additional $2500 we can have 3 more matches.

    If we could go this route again would we choose it? ABSOLUTELY!!!

  4. We're still looking into it, but I know of Cooper in New Jersey. They supposedly have a large in-house program, cost is about $4,000 I'm told (that doesn't count any testing you need beforehand though).


    I wish more places had this listed on their sites if they have a program.

    As it is, I'm either going to be calling around clinics in my state or seeing about going through Embryos Alive

    Different pros/cons of each option, depending on what someone is looking for.

  5. The clinic we used for our IVF with our son actually had a small EA/D program. We only waited about 2 months to be matched and another 2 months for transfer. It totally depends on how many embryos they have coming in at the time. The clinic is in Northern CA (Davis CA)...http://www.californiaivf.com/nav/infertility_clinic_california_CA.htm

    Our cost was about $4000 without meds. $1200 for admin fees, $2400 for Embryo transfer, $120 for meeting with social worker and the rest in back storage fees for the embryos. No home study required...but not sure if that is only because they knew us from 2 years of previous treatments...

    Anyway...it is an awesome clinic with the best staff and we can't say enough good things about it. Good luck growing your family.


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