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Monday, May 24, 2010

It's saggy, it's flabby....

It makes me kinda crabby!! My belly, that is! This guy has a better baby bump than I do! How sad is that?!?!?! I am now nearing my 3rd trimester (1 week away) and I still look F-A-T. I hear other women complain because everyone wants to rub their belly. I wish!!! My niece's mom did rub my belly the other day, but she rubbed the well rounded top that was just fat. Maddie is still by my belly button. I kept hoping that she wouldn't rub any lower or she would have encountered my dent. I should invent some belly putty! I bet all chubby chicks with a B belly would swarm to buy it. I could make a fortune!

I wore a dress to church yesterday that, while standing, gives me a nice bump. But when I sit my belly morphs and contorts into a squishy blob and leaves me with all this extra fabric bunched in the front of me. I am now one of those women that you see and wonder "Hmmm...is she pregnant?? Or just fat??". In the next 14 weeks I hope to POP! Or maybe I should just go to a maternity clothing store and swipe one of their falsie bumps!!! ;-)


  1. Haha- Your picture totally freaked me out at first! You definitely should invent something like that! =) Can't wait to see YOUR baby belly!

  2. I hate to tell you but when my SIL was pg with her first she really never did fill out totally. But, with her second she was a D belly right away. So, you may have to wait for your second miracle for that perfect D.

  3. The most important thing is that you stay healthy to keep little Miss Maddie in your belly for close to 40 weeks! Don't be so hard on yourself :( Take great care and enjoy every second!

  4. I never did get the perfect and pretty D belly--and I'm relatively thin. Mine was a rather oddly shaped B, with the top lump considerably smaller then the bottom lump. Strangely enough the top lump even had some sag to it.

    I'm thinking that there really aren't that many women that have the perfect round belly that you see in magazines!

    I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get another chance to get that cute pregnant belly and I'm wishing I would have enjoyed the pregnancy more--each and every day. Don't have the same regret!

  5. Aw! Hoping you pop soon! The picture on your post is priceless!

    ICLW #81

  6. Aww, I'd want that cute round belly too, but I'm just so glad for you that embryo adoption worked, how wonderful!

    Happy ICLW!

  7. OH DEAR! You are being too hard on yourself! I'm sure you look gorgeous. As for me, I am SWOLLEN EVERYWHERE at 33 weeks girl and PH PHat I AIN'T LOL! I feel you. I have ballooned and find it hard to get around! HUGS!

  8. Belly putty...haha. Swipe the falsie bump like that chick from Glee last year. :)

    ICLW #106

  9. I have a feeling I will be the same way - I'm a little squishy already... There will be no "cute all over, just a basketball belly" comments for me!!!


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