Our journey through infertility, failed adoptions and now parenthood through the miracle of embryo adoption/donation.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby unBump

As of today I am 16 weeks. (yay!) I am four weeks away from the halfway point. It is hard to believe as it feels like yesterday that I was in FL. I am feeling great now that my migraines have finally subsided. I am not as tired and I have more of an appetite too. I don't even feel pregnant. And I don't look pregnant either.

For the skinny chicks reading this here is a fat girl anatomy lesson. There are 3 kinds of belly shapes we chubbies can have: D shape (rounded), B shaped (with an indent in the middle making it into the shape of, well, a B) and an apron belly (the worst of them all, it is a hanging belly, like that of wearing an apron). With Maddie I had a B belly. It sucked! But about this time in the pregnancy she had pushed all of my fat up and I could wear the right clothes and 'look' pregnant. My B essentially became more of a P then. I lamented the fact that I didn't have a cute bump back then. But my lovely blogger buddies assured me that I would round out and I did. At about 32 weeks.

With this being my second pregnancy I was excited to show sooner. And maybe have a nice, rounded out D. Because "they" say you show sooner. And "they" say that you get bigger the second time around. Well, what do "they" know? NOTHING!!! "They" know nothing at all. I started this pregnancy 15 pounds less than the previous one but with still a B belly but with an added, albeit small, apron belly (darn you, c-section!!). Little Olivia is hanging out very low. Maddie was higher. So I just look fat. Well, fatter. There is no fat being pushed up, no hint at rounding out. At all. I just can't suck my fat in anymore. And because of my B belly I can't wear fitted or ruched tops to help give me that rounded look. Do you know how hard it is to find winter tops that cover my belly but don't just look baggy and huge? Very hard!!! My regular clothes are too snug and I need maternity, but I am limited on what I can wear. Being fat sucks!!! I know, I know! I should have lost weight before I got pregnant again. I get it. And if it wasn't so freaking hard I would have. Actually, I did. I lost 15 pounds. It took months of hard work to do even that. Thank you Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism. I really appreciate that you hold onto my fat cells so tightly. Like BFFs.

And to add insult to injury I have an anterior placenta which means that it is in the front, keeping me from feeling her very often. I look forward to feeling her all of the time.

These two things are annoying. But honestly, it is no biggie. As much as I don't like them I am just thankful to be pregnant. It is a gift that I cherish, even with my ugly misshapen belly.

Friday, November 8, 2013

We are having a.................

GIRL!!!!!! We found out yesterday that all of the genetic screening came back negative and the baby is healthy. And that they baby is a girl. Maddie is excited to have a sister. Her name will be Olivia with the middle name either Reese or Nicole. We are leaning towards Reese though. Then it will be Madison Grace and Olivia Reese. I like the two together. We almost named Maddie Madison Olivia and then her initials would be MOM. I liked it since she finally made me a mom, but I loved both names so much that we decided to save Olivia just in case and now I am glad that we did.

Finding that we are having a girl was bittersweet. My sister has two girls and my brother has two girls and now I have two girls. We had all hoped for a boy this time, but it was not to be. We have two embryos remaining that we will use in the spring of 2015 and maybe then we will get our boy. Or twin girls. lol Either way we don't care. We are so thankful to hear that Livvy is healthy and that is all that matters.

Today we are preparing for a 10 hour trip to visit family in PA. It will be a long trip and I really hope that Maddie does well. And sleeps through most of it. It should be interesting traveling with a 3 year old. We haven't been back since February 2012 when we went for my MIL's memorial. It will be nice to go for a happier reason this time. Everyone is anxious to see Maddie again. Once we return home it will be a flurry of activity for the holidays. And in January we will start getting ready for baby Olivia. You would think that we have everything, but we don't. At all!! Maddie will be almost four when this baby is born. We sold her car seat and stroller and most of her clothes will be the wrong season. And now I think I want to sell the nursery furniture and go with white this time. So a lot to do!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

First trimester screening

On Monday I had my monthly appointment with my OB. All went well. I mentioned last week that my friend's sister was just hired there and I was not sure how that would work out. Thankfully it went well and my OB was totally cool about her not being part of my care. While there I even got a peak at the little one and he/she was very active.

Then yesterday I had my first trimester screening. I was not planning on declining any genetic testing as it is not accurate enough for me. However they offered the newer MaterniT21test and it is 99% accurate. It is also one that those that use donor eggs or donor embryos can do. Not all tests will work if you use a donor. I didn't know this before so for those of you considering genetic testing this might be helpful info. The results come back within 1-2 weeks. As a bonus we will know gender as well. I am super excited about this as we had a very hard time determining the gender with Maddie. She covered her lady bits every. single. time! This time we won't have to worry about it. :)

I really struggles with whether to to do the testing or not, regardless of accuracy. We would never terminate so what would knowing do? Ultimately we decided that knowing would prepare us if there was something wrong. Also, we have very little info on the donors and the donor mom was 36 years old at the time of IVF, so the risks are a bit higher. Overall the risks are low so I am not worried.

I am feeling great and am very glad to be in my second trimester. I am not showing yet but my chub is getting firmer. I am really hoping that I round out this time instead of my blubbery B belly. Last time I was pregnant during spring and summer and all of my clothes are short sleeved and light weight. I am going to have to get some warmer clothes soon. I wish that plus size maternity was easier to find. Big gals wanna look cute too!!!