Our journey through infertility, failed adoptions and now parenthood through the miracle of embryo adoption/donation.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby No Name

Okay, this is not entirely true. Our baby has a first name, Olivia. But I am stuck on a middle name. I mean really, really stuck! We had the name Madison picked out for years and the middle name was to be either Olivia or Grace. We chose Grace so that we could save Olivia for another girl if we ever had one. I am so glad that we did!!! But we never had another middle name ready for another baby girl.

Our dilemma is that Olivia is 4 syllables and our last name is 3 syllables and we want a 1 syllable middle name, 2 at the most. But nothing that ends with an 'a' or begins with a vowel. And a perfect middle name would sound good said with her nickname, Livvie. I call Madison, Maddie Grace a lot and I tend to do that a lot with names. It doesn't HAVE to sound good with Livvie, but it would be a plus.

Here are some of the options and pros and cons of each.

Olivia Joy (okay, just not in love, but it flows with Grace)

Olivia Paige  (hubby's fave, but we live near a major roads named Olive and Page and they are often said together and it is stuck in my head that way.

Olivia Reese (one of my faves, but Livvie Reese sounds like Liver Eese to me, which does not even make sense at all)

Olivia Renee (I like this one, but Hubby isn't sold)

Olivia Shay (maybe, not sure what I think about this one)

Olivia Elaine (not sure if I like that it begins with a vowel or if I like it together)

A few names that are out for various reasons: Ann(e), Marie, Lynn, Dawn.

So, which do you like? Or what suggestions do you have? Help me name this baby girl!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BEGGING for votes!!!

I entered Maddie into a contest for a free photo shoot for her and I really, really wanna win!!! I mean really!!! So if you are on Facebook can you take a moment to vote. It lasts just one week and you can vote each day. She is #69. Thanks!!!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Third Trimester to Me!!!

I am now a week into my third trimester. Wow, where has time gone?!?!? It is flying by! I had my 1 hour glucose test about 2 weeks ago. Failed it. Did the 3 hour last week and PASSED! But man, it made me so sick to my stomach. It was awful this time. But thankfully I passed and it is over.

Last week I started getting a head cold that turned into a nasty sinus infection that then aggravated a tooth that must have had a cavity. The pain was so bad that I spent most of yesterday in tears. I was kind of scared because infections can cause preterm labor and who knows what else when pregnant and I just wanted to get that sucker out. I needed a root canal or extraction. Bye, bye little tooth! I had it pulled this afternoon and now I am dealing with that pain. The dentist refused to give me any pain meds since I am pregnant so I called my OB and he hooked me up. It is just Tylenol 3 but hey, it is better than nothing. I hate taking all of this crap while pregnant but pain increases my BP and with my history of pre-e I don't want to play around with HBP.

On a good note, I got Olivia's car seat. For FREE! I won it actually. Last week my sister needed to run to Babies R Us and I tagged along. We had no idea that they had some kind of event going on and there were vendors and such there. One table held a raffle for an infant car seat. I didn't even realize what it was for, I just entered it and later my sister told me what it was for. I really, really hoped that I would win and I DID!!! It is a Graco that retails for $140. I don't need a whole lot for the baby, but this was one of two big items that I needed so it was a huge blessing. They also gave out gift bags and my sister and I each got one and it included a Dr. Bro.wn's bottle, coupons, wet wipes and samples. My sister gave me her stuff so two free bottles. Pretty cool!!

I still need to finish the nursery and buy a few more things. I am still working on my cloth diaper stash and that is going slow. I am having a shower at my church and will get disposable diapers which is great and I will use those the first month or two, but I want to get my cloth diaper stash built up for after that. But things are coming along and Olivia will be here is 12 weeks! Yikes!!! So exciting!!!