Our journey through infertility, failed adoptions and now parenthood through the miracle of embryo adoption/donation.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

unexpected kindness

Growing up my family never went to church. I rode a Sunday School bus for many years and was very involved in church. From a young age I was interested in God and learning more about Him. During that time I had many people that came into my life that mentored me and guided me spiritually. Some I am still very close to, some were there for just a season. There is one family that I was very close to until I became a teenager and while we stayed in contact we are no longer close and all went our separate ways. Now years later we are in the same church again and while not close we are friendly. The other day the husband was not feeling well and his wife, who is unable to drive, needed a ride home after church and I agreed to take her. This couple knows of our struggles to have a baby and recently I shared with them what we were doing. When I dropped her off at home I helped her take her stuff into the house. While there her husband asked me how things were going and expressed his regret that we had to cancel this cycle. He then asked that I let him know when I was ready to leave for FL and the date of the transfer as he and his wife wanted to set some time aside that day to pray for me.

Too often we hear insensitive comments about infertility and ttc, but this was not one of those times. This is from a couple that has never struggled. They don't understand this pain, yet they have compassion. They understand that 'I' hurt and they care about that. They want us to have the desires of our heart and are committed to praying for us to fulfill that desire. It really touched my heart that someone cares enough to pray for us in this way. To care. To try to understand. If only we could all learn to love others in this way.


  1. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing. It's always good to hear the sweet stories!

  2. How sweet! I love hearing that people are praying :) You're in my prayers, Jess!


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