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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Endometrin or Crinone??

So I start my progesterone next Thursday. Last time I used Crinone and it was my $45 copay. I have two boxes left (about 2 weeks worth). I was also given a month's worth of Endometrin and the clinic is giving me another 2 weeks worth. However, I have no idea what my copay will be and insurance won't tell me. Neither will the pharmacies until I get an RX sent to them and they process it. This is ridiculous!!!! I have no idea why my insurance company can't tell me.

So, has anyone ever had one and not the other covered? I would just stick with Crinone but now I am not even sure if that is covered. Crinone is also 2x a day, Endometrin 3x a day. This is a real pain in the butt!!!

If anyone has one or the other they want to trade or sell cheap please let me know!!! Or know of a pharmacy that can check my benefits without me placing the order?


  1. I think it's bizarre that your insurance company won't tell you if it's covered without a prescription! My insurance company even has a website I can log on to and see what medications are covered at approximately what prices.

    Sorry I don't have any helpful advice!

  2. Yeah, why won't your insurance tell you? That is CRAZY!! I get that the pharmacies won't run it until they fill it, which is annoying- bit the Insurance company has to tell you!!! I would keep asking for a supervisor until someone will answer you.....

  3. I used Crinone with Sarah. I will check and see if I have any left. We were self pay and it was $200+ a week for it. Yikes!

  4. It's been awhile since I last commented. I wish you luck with your transfer! I can understand wanting to do things exactly the way they were in your first sucsessful transfer. It's so hard when docs aren't on the same page. As the patient you can feel so out of control.

    I just wanted to tell you that it can happen even if your protocol is different! Go into this with a positive attitude! I know you were worried about the Heperin (?)

    If your doc absolutely refuses maybe baby aspirin once a day may supplement?

    My RE had me use it as part of my IVF protocol. He said there had been some positive studies done and it definitely would not hurt to try. It is supposed to help with the uterine lining and implantation and possibly some of the immune system factors.

    I took one a day before transfer-12 weeks.

    Do some research for yourself of course and double check with your doctor.



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