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Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything is in place....almost!

So I have decided to use the Crinone instead of the Endometrin. The best answer that I could get from my insurance is that the Endo would be $125 a month and the Crinone $45 a month (I think). Even though I have more of the Endo it will cost me more in the end. Almost double, actually. So I will be gifting the Endometrin to someone that needs it. Please send me an email if you are interested.

I have my lining check on Thursday and will start progesterone then, antibiotics shortly thereafter. My flight is booked. I have decided to rent a car while there though driving in Jacksonville is giving me anxiety just thinking about it!!! But to use cabs and shuttle services will be over $100, more if I want to go to the beach. And I want to go to the beach!!! So a car it is.

I do not have a hotel booked. Someone recommended hotelcoupons.com to me and they have a coupon you can print for a walk in special for the Hampton Inn for $70. I am thinking about trying to use this as it the hotel is right by the hospital and that is a great price. Have any of you used this site or coupons before?

Before I leave I have a TON of stuff to do. A TON!!!!!! Tomorrow we are having our yard sale finally. Every single Saturday we have had rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 and sunny with maybe a spot shower in the afternoon. Hopefully we have a great turn out and make some money. This will go towards lining scan and spending money while I am there. The flight and transfer are already paid for, the cab is cheap and the meds are paid for. Not much left, praise the Lord!!!

Also, my hubby is having the house cleaned for me while I am gone so I need to get everything picked up for her. She is a friend that is starting her own cleaning business and she is giving us a great deal. I am excited about this!!! How wonderful to come home to a clean house!

The days leading up to my departure are filled up. I have an all day activity at church the Sunday before as well as watching a friend's 1 year old twins the day before. It will be crazy! But I will appreciate the quiet and solitude that much more. And the beach. Must appreciate the beach!


  1. Praying everything goes smoothly!

  2. This is crazy we are 10 days away!!! Really? This fast?? I am praying for our families. Thank you too for the "special" something you sent for our sweet little ones. You really made my day!


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