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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flight booked and date changed

Yesterday I scheduled my FET for the 23rd, but when I went to book the flight I was not happy with them at all. Some were 8+ hours with two layover. Others meant I had to find a ride at 4:30 am. (yuck!!) And another was putting my return flight in the middle of rush hour or near midnight. So I called the clinic and they said that I had a 2-3 day window that we could play with so I ended up finding a good flight with a good price for the 21st. So my transfer date is now the 22nd. WOOT!

I am still needing to book the hotel. I had one chosen but I called to ask about shuttle service (that a website stated they had) but they do not offer it. They are really close to the clinic which I really liked since it would keep the cab fare down, but now I have to start over. I will most likely stay closer to the airport, but that means I will not get to go to the beach since that would mean more cab fare. I guess that we shall see what I can find.

Ahh!!! In 2 weeks I will be in Florida, ready to meet my babies!!!!!


  1. Oh my GOSH I am ready to burst with excitement for you!!! I am so freakin' excited!! I want this to be it for you!!!

  2. Very exciting news!! Glad you got the flights booked

  3. Such great news. So excited for everyone in the may transfer. Wish we were going again, but sept seems like a better time to go for our family with everything else going on. Just means I get to cheer on all my other ea friends even more :)

  4. Glad it is all coming together. I'll be down there for my nephew's high school graduation just a week later, but I wish my visit could have overlapped with yours. We could have walked the beach together. :) Prayers for you and your tiny little ones.

  5. So exciting! Prayers for your sweet embies!


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