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Monday, October 1, 2012

you know you are infertility when......

I think that most of us have seen a version or two of these "You know you are infertile when..." kinds of posts, but this morning I read on that had some really good ones on it. It was over at Still Standing and is worth the read. Here were my favorite two:

--you are more worried about having a nice pedicure for in the stirrups than your butt hanging out--

--you look up every weird symptom and hope it comes up as a pregnancy symptom...hmmmmmmm, I have a lot of ear wax today, I must be pregnant!--

I had not read these before but I can relate to both! Seriously, my feet being pretty are much more important than my butt and all my lady bits being on display. LOL

So add yours! You know you are infertile when........

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  1. You've bought pineapple core, grape juice or some odd supplement no one else have ever heard of.

    You have the price of a box of ovulation tests memorized (this one is personal to me! :) )

    You freak out when you remember that your legs aren't shaved before your appointment, and that becomes more of an issue than you having to bare it all to the doctor.


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