Our journey through infertility, failed adoptions and now parenthood through the miracle of embryo adoption/donation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Priceless? I think not!

Yesterday my hubby and I were talking about the fees still due for the our upcoming cycle and this lead to how much we have spent to have a baby. Between the 4 IUIs with donor sperm, the 2 failed adoptions and 2 rounds of EA we are up to about $20K. Or an arm, a leg and half a kidney. Maddie is priceless but baby making is not! I recently reconnected with a coworker from about 15 years ago and found that they had fertility issues as well. They did IVF and then adopted spending $50k for it all. Does this strike anyone else as insane?!?! While I completely believe that doctors, nurses, embryologists and staff deserve to be paid and paid well. But $20k+ per couple? Just wrong. 

Now onto more important things: I leave for Florida next week! We got our consent forms and transfer of ownership forms notarized today and mailed out to the clinic. I have an appointment on Friday for my blood work and another one for my lining check. Later that day I should hear whether everything is a go or not and then I can decide whether to fly or drive. Hopefully fly, but we have to see how high the tickets are at that time. And then I have to start getting things in order. I need to pack a bag for Maddie and grocery shop for ready made foods for her to take to her grandma's house as well as for hubby to have here. I could let him cook for himself but then he might starve to death and die. So a-shopping I will go.

Once that is all done I will have to pack for myself. I need sunscreen, a couple of books, and flip flops for my trip to the beach. Yay me! This time next week I get a day to relax before my FET. It sounds like heaven to me!!!!


  1. Love following your blog and can't wait to hear about your transfer!

  2. I think we're up to about $20k so far ourselves. I've read that REs are some of the highest paid doctors out there, and I believe it!

    So excited for your transfer! Will be praying for you and your newest little ones!

  3. I think we paid around $15,000 for 3 trips to the NEDC (2 transfers) and around $30,000 for our domestic adoption fees. It's ridiculous. I wish we could do something to make adoption more affordable.

  4. We were lucky and had some insurance coverage for our first IVF....but we did 3 medicated IUI's before that and then the 1st IVF did not work so we did a 2nd completely out of pocket. 2 years later we did an embryo adoption....Our total costs for all of it was around $55k!!!! Our out of pockedt was around $40k!!!! Totally worth it...our kids are beyond priceless. And I would do it all again....but yes...the costs are scary and very prohibitive to so many. We were so blessed to be in a financial position to pay for it without too much impact and no loans required. But many many people dont' have that and I feel for them.

  5. Yep, we hit $50k in out of pocket costs - insane. I have no idea where we found the money but somehow, someway, my little dude is here with us.

    May you have swift success in bringing another lucky little one into your family!


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