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Thursday, October 25, 2012

sharing the cuteness

The other night Maddie was in bed with me and said "I cuddle" She then wrapped her arms around my neck,  kissed my cheek and said "I luv you, Momma." My heart just melted. Those 12 years of waiting were so worth it! I still marvel that she is really mine. That God gave her to us. Without EA she would not be here with us. We may never have a child's laughter to fill our home. But we do and she is such a joy. A terror at times, but mainly a joy! Here are a few photos of my cutie for you all.


Diva.....with upside down glasses

Creative dressing. Please notice the Elmo pj pants and mismatched shoes. But everything is pink so she "matches".
 I found a bunch of clothes for Maddie today at yard sales. She helped me go through them and made her own outfit out of Elmo pj pants, two different sandals and a pink dress. She keeps twirling around saying "I'm princess!".

She is going to be a Bumble Bee for Halloween


  1. she's adorable! I can't wait until mine can talk (and hopefully say things like that)

  2. So sweet, love the pictures. she is such a cutie.

  3. She is precious!! You should definitely post pictures of her more often. She's grown so much!

  4. What a cutie pie! We are sooo in the same boat right now once again. We, too, are preparing for FET #2 (we have one frozen left from Makenna's batch of siblings). Of course, my ovaries aren't cooperating and I have cysts we are working to get rid of. I find my prayer being the same - God, please let my body be perfect for this transfer. I sooo don't want to jump back on the roller coaster, but would love love love it if this last frozen embie would join our family!! I'll be praying for that uterus of yours!




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