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Thursday, October 25, 2012

why Aunt Flo and not Uncle Gush?

I used to wonder how we came up with AF or Aunt Flo. Yes, I understand the Flo=flow part. I get it. Cute. Whatever. But did we really need to assign it a feminine name? Like a woman would really curse another woman with blood flowing out of her gina? Why not Uncle Gush or Cousin Drip? But today it came to me. Men don't play games. Women are catty and like to tease. As I sit here waiting for the elusive Aunt Flo to arrive I finally understand why our periods are of the feminine gender. No man would stay away when he is expected only to show up with a vendetta. Nor would a man arrive a week early and mess up a vacation. Women get angry and like to show you who is boss, much like AF is doing right now.

When my cycle was cancelled last Friday I was told to remove all 4 patches at the same time and that with my lining already at 16 that I should start in 3-4 days. Did that happen? Of course not! This crazy Aunt of mine decided it would be funny to screw everything up and wait. I can only imagine how bad this cycle will be when she finally does decide to show her ugly face. Why can't Aunt Flow be that nice aunt that everyone one envies instead of the crazy one you hide from at family gatherings?


  1. Your title made me LOL! And I like the Uncle Gush analogy...especially since it can be shortened to UG which is how we all feel when it arrives.

    Sorry you've been delayed yet again. Hope you can move forward soon.

  2. Urgh! What a pain! I hate the waiting! And she'll show when you least expect it..like when your grocery shopping..
    BTW...I just saw your other post (pictures)! Could she be more adorable! What a little love bug you've got there!
    Wishing you will! And that the waiting stops! :D

  3. Lol! I like uncle gush or UG! I am sorry AF is playing games ... Hope she is nice to you when she arrives!!!

  4. Hehehe, that's a funny thought and title.

    I think it's in Sweden where they say "there are communists in the funhouse". I like that way better than "aunt flo" ;)

  5. oh my. you sit and wait. so sorry.


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