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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Home Repairs

We currently live in a mobile home. It is a nice one but it is still a mobile home. We had saved up for a house on two different occasions and the first time we put it off and used the money for 4 IUIs. The second time was for Maddie. I do not regret putting off buying a house one bit but will be glad to buy a house. We thought about using our inheritance money for a down payment but we won't have enough to do EA, buy a used a van and buy a house so we will put it off yet again. But that is okay, a baby is worth it!

SO for now we are getting our place ready to sell (hopefully next year!!) The biggest project we have is a yucky one: Mold. About 3 years ago we found that there was a leak near our sliding glass door. We had it fixed (or so we thought) and replaced the flooring and forgot about it. Then this year I noticed the floor starting to buckle (wood laminate) and after closer inspection we found that it had been leaking still and now the damage was much worse. So we have to replace the door, the sub floor, the laminate and part of the wall. And maybe the insulation. Bleh! But I must say I will be very glad to have this all done. It will be a mess but necessary. I think that it will also help us all be in better health. We have all struggled with sinus issues, allergies and breathing/coughing problems. It never occurred to us that there might be mold making it all worse. So next week we will start work on all of this.

After that is finished we are going to replace the carpet in our living room and hallway. It was put in late 2008 and the place we used sucked! Majorly. It is Berber and the seams showed and quickly unraveled. Then our A/C (in the hallway) got a clog and leaked while we were out of town and we had rusty water all over our hallway. Lovely! Not to mention the messes Maddie has made and the coffee I spilled last week. And the water damage from our kitchen hit about 1 foot of the carpet as well. So its got to go!

While I am excited to get it all done I hate, hate, hate the thoughts of my home being in such disarray. The door and flooring will be a two day job. Yikes! And I watch 2 children in my home now and will need to relocate for those days to my mom's house. I can just picture Maddie trying to "help" them work. Then once this is finished we can start decorating the nursery. Nope, I am not pregnant. But I am hopeful. My last post I mentioned that our EA situation fell through but a new one has presented itself. That is all I can say right now but pray for us!!!

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  1. Jess...wow...I didn't realize your match fell through. Sorry. But it was starting to sound like it was just tooooo much red tape with that match. I'm so glad you have another option. And FWIW....our EA cost just under $7000. Yes we are in CA...but we used our own clinic, there was no home study or anything...it was donated embryos and our protocol was pretty standard.... About $3000 for FET and follow up u/s, $1500 for legal transfer of embyros, psych eval and storage costs of the embies and about $2000 for meds and such. We did not have insurance for meds and only part of our infectious testing was covered by insurance. So...all in all...between $6500 and $7000. And this was 2 years ago. When I read other blogs and research this myself...it seems $5000-$7000 is the norm if you don't have to travel or do home studies. I do NOT agree with clinics that want to charge you an extra $3000 just because the embryos are not yours...that is just rediculous. It is not like they have to do anything but hang on to them for you and the thawing should be included in the FET charge. Keep up your search. I know you will find a good match and a good clinic soon.

    Oh...and I feel you on the house repairs...we bought a very old house last year and have done nothing but sink money into it since and then everytime I turn around....the kids, the dog or the weather is undoing all our hard work!

    Take care.



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