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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bankrupt us, why don't you?

Seriously, it feels like some fertility clinics are trying to take complete advantage of those dealing with infertility. I completely understand that IVF and EA and other ARTs have to cost us. I get that. Clinics have utilities, doctors, rent, staff, and many other expenses. And we are paying for their expertise as well. I get it. But how can one clinic charge $4000 and another $7000 for the exact same thing?? How can they justify an additional $2000 for a few pieces of extra paper? I know that CA may be more expensive to live so their fees may be higher (which actually isn't the case) but $3000 more? Or for those that charge $4000 for an FET if you did IVF there but $3000 more if you want to use the donated embryos? Do they not realize that they are already making money by the patient donating the embryos for another couple to use than if the embryos were destroyed? And don't get me started on requiring home studies! If I wanted to pay $2500 for one I would either adopt or go through the NEDC or Snowflakes.

If infertility is not stressful enough the clinics decide to pile it on too. I was on the phone yesterday for a few hours calling clinics. Even those listed on the EA "list" on one site did not do EA. And then they referred me to clinics that did not do it as well. It should not be this difficult to find an EDA program!! Or if you do find one they never return your call. Or they reserve it for their own patients. Or they charge you an arm, leg and a kidney.

Can you tell I am a little peeved?? I just. want. a. baby! And not to have to file bankruptcy to get one.


  1. I do feel like some clinics take advantage of fertility patients who are desperate to have a child. I have wondered that about my own clinic at times. It doesn't help that Reproductive Endocrinologists are among the highest paid doctors around. I understand the import of what they are doing--taking care of lives at their most vulnerable stages. But do the costs need to be so excessive? I don't know. Some people would pay anything for a baby. For many of us, that's just not possible, unfortunately.

    Praying for wisdom and peace as you make these decisions.

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  3. I feel you! That is why (for now anyway) I have tabled EA as an option for us. In my area, the cost of using donor embryos rivals the cost of a fresh cycle. Which is insane, considering how much LESS monitoring, meds, and procedures are needed.

    Hoping you can find a better program soon.

  4. I follow your blog and wanted to pass on the clinic I did my emboryo adoption. I did have insurance, but I think my clinic has a in house donor embroyo program that they don't advertise, so I don't know if you would have heard of them. I got the referral from someone from Miracles Waiting. I went through Fertility and Surgical Associates in Thousands Oaks, CA with Dr.Ashim Kumar. He was very knowlegable and kind. We only adopted two embroys and but got pregnant the first time with one baby. I am 22 weeks pregnant now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  5. I know they don't have any extra adminstrative fees, they referred us to a reproductive lawyer who only charged $1100 for the legal contract. The frozen embroyo transfer fee is also reasonable.


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