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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New situation

I posted previously that the donor couple that had chosen us was giving the clinic "conflicting information" in regards to donating to us. I emailed the donors and never received a response. In all honesty, I am glad that we will not be working with this clinic. I really liked the donor mom though I will admit that her lack of communication disappointed me. I only made one request and it was that if she changed her mind, regardless of the reason, that she let me know. I knew that they wanted to move out of state but that they would not move until all of the embryos had been donated and used. I was honest with them that it could be 6 months before we were financially ready and that if they felt that they needed to find another couple to please let us know. She assured me that they were choosing us and things continued well for a another week or so. I have no idea what exactly happened as she never said a word to me, but that is fine. Obviously it was not the situation for us and I would rather focus my efforts on moving forward, which it look like we are doing.

I was contacted last year from someone considering us for their little embies. Things got busy for them and no decision was made at that time and when the donor mom went to contact me again we were already matched with the other couple. When that fell apart she contacted me again and things are looking good. Right now we are waiting to hear from her clinic and whether I will need to travel there or if we can ship them here to me. My prayer is that they can be shipped here as it would be much easier for me. But ultimately we all want what is best for the embryos, what will give them the best chance at survival. I am fine with traveling there as long as it only requires one trip. Travel is expensive and being away from Maddie is not fun. And there is NO way I am flying with her. And it is too far to drive with her as well. So a lot hinges on what the clinic says. Once we know that we can start making decisions. I have a consult with a local RE on the 23rd of this month. He allows for donated embryos to be used in his clinic and he is awesome! I saw him years ago but since they did not have an ED program we went with another clinic. But he was my first choice as a doctor.

So right now we wait. But that is okay. Nothing in infertility goes quickly. If for some reason this does not work out I have also found a clinic. It is is CA and they have been mentioned to me on several occasions (thanks Morningsun!). They are affordable, have a 6 month wait, and only require one visit. And most importantly they returned my call promptly and had answers to my questions. So either way we will be proceeding, just waiting on His will to be clear to us. I will update when we hear more!


  1. I'm so glad to hear some good news! Praying this situation works out if this is the right match for you.

  2. You are so right that nothing with infertility is fast. It has occurred to me recently that even if we started the process now (and I feel like Leland was just born) for a second child they would be over two years apart! So glad things are progressing for you.

  3. I'm so happy you have another option and it is looking good. I will say prayers that you are able to use your local RE that you like and minimize stress and cost. I know of many many situations where the embies were transferred and all worked out just fine. Good luck and I will continue to pray for a smooth process.


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