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Saturday, March 31, 2012

no news is, well, no news

Not much has changed in the last few weeks. We are still planning to ttc for #2 this year but have not progressed much in the process. Neither of the possible situations we were pursuing worked out so we are going to go through a clinic in CA. I have had the consult with the local RE and he is fine with doing my monitoring here. Now I just need to call and set up my phone consult with the RE in CA and get on their wait list. I just never have time to call. Somehow I accidentally opened an in home daycare. I am really not sure how it happened. I watch 2 little girls right now (one is my niece) and take another one to the bus stop each day. I will soon have another baby to watch in a few weeks as one mom is pregnant and due soon. Having all of these kids here is quite time consuming!! I am still trying to get a routine down.

Maddie is doing great. She is finally talking!! Now I ask her to be quiet! I love to hear her little voice even if it is saying "no no". She is so much fun and I pray that we can give her a sibling in the next year. I just need to get cracking on these phone calls!

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