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Friday, March 16, 2012

EA and life update

This whole baby makin' business ain't easy!! Since the first of the year we found embryos via Miracles Waiting and we started the process through their clinic. Then that did not work out. Not sure what happened just that the couple was giving the clinic different information than they were telling us. I emailed the couple about this and there was never a response.

Then a second situation presented itself and I am not sure how this one will turn out. But that is fine as we are letting God lead. In the meantime I am scheduled for a phone consult with a local RE and I will discuss with him to either do the FET here with the donated embryos or to do my monitoring with him and travel to another clinic for the FET. Next week I will call the clinic in CA to schedule a phone consult with the RE there and get on their waiting list. If the other situation happens to work out then we will be ready to go and if it does not we will be on the list at a clinic. The wait time is about 6 months which works well for us.

I also posted about home repairs. I hate home repairs!! What started out as a new sliding glass door and new kitchen flooring has turned into major damage to our roof (which is only 5 years old) and a lot of money that we were not prepared to spend. So that needs to be done so we can put this place up for sale and get rid of this headache! We will move in with my mom until we are ready to buy a house. Just typing all of this out makes me tired!!!!

Maddie is doing great and growing like crazy. She is finally talking though I am not always happy with what she says. Her favorite words are NO and NO. But I love to hear her voice even if she is bossing me around! Please keep her in your prayers as she is having her third tube put in her right ear. She has been doing so well since her surgery in September but she got strep in October and we later found out that the virus caused and ear infection and that clogged her tube. During the cleaning of it the tube fell out and the whole quickly closed. We waited a bit to see if she would still get infections and while they are nowhere near as bad as they once were she still has gotten 2 of them. So the tube needs to be replaced. Here's hoping third times a charm!!!!

Well, that about updates you all on everything. I hope to catch up on all of yoru blogs here soon too.

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  1. My youngest cousin is nine years younger than me, and I remember the first two words I ever heard her speak: "no" and "mine." I still laugh about that.

    She's turned into a sweet, lovely young lady, though!


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