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Monday, August 19, 2013

PIO...what am I doing wrong?

My hiney hurts, peeps! I am only 3 shots in and wowzer, I am feeling it. I did PIO in sesame oil back when I was pregnant with Maddie. I only lasted 2 weeks as I ended up being allergic. This time I am using PIO in cottonseed oil and the oil seems thinner and the shots are a breeze. But every single one leaves a knot. Every. single. one! I never had a knot with the other one. And I didn't do anything special. Just filled it up and shot it in. I even used the larger gauged needle as I didn't really feel it. This time I use the larger to fill and thinner to inject and I can't feel it at all which is awesome. But the knots! Ohm, the knots!!!! I double my amount today too so I am skeered that it will really leave a knot.

So what do I do?? Ice the spot? Rub my bum? Heat?? Help!!!! My poor bum is begging for help.


  1. My best solution was taking our homedics back massager to it with the heat on. Always move after the shot. So this is what worked for me:
    Ice for injection while warming syringe of oil in heating pad.
    Rub immediately after with a warm wascloth
    Put on bandaid(i tend to bleed)
    The use massager on area for at least 5 minutes
    It really jiggles that area and disperses the oil ;)

    Good luck. It will all be worth it

  2. My RE says no ice because that makes it worse. It ends up freezing the PIO in the bum and it doesn't disperse properly. My best advice having done this until I was 9w along is to massage with a tennis ball right after and then sit on a heating pad for like 10 minutes. Then walk around like crazy afterwords. The key is disbursement and it won't hurt as bad. I promise! It hurts when it all collects in one area which is what it wants to do since it's oil. GL!

  3. No good advice here. I tried massaging it and heat when I did the POI with Leland but it still left painful knots. Rather just sending you happy thoughts and prayers!

  4. sorry to hear this and sorry for dropping in unannounced. seen your post from the Millers blog.. Sarah is a great friend of mine. I suggest message the area painful i'm sure.. but try some coconut oil. it's like great at a lot of things.
    Good luck!

  5. I've used tons of PIO - just keep thinking of the potential baby! Lol.
    I agree with other commenters. No ice. Lots of massaging. Move as much as possible after the shot. There's not much else you can do :/

  6. I would lay on the side right away and put pressure on it for 10 minutes before moving. I usually helped....
    So excited you are getting so close :)

  7. I agree with the no ice. I just put it on my skin for like 3 minutes to numb for initial injection, but sounds like the initial poke does not bother you. Good luck I think everyone has their own routine that works for them

  8. Yep, massage the heck out of it after. Even then, though, you do still end up with knots. I think it's unavoidable, unfortunately.

  9. PIO...evil stuff huh! I can empathize! I am having problems too so was glad to see the advice in your comments section. Going to make my husband massage me! =)

  10. I did ice on the spot for 15-20 minutes before the injection, a quick bum massage at the site right after the injection followed by 15 or so minutes of heating pad. I had good days and bad days, but for the most part I found this to help. Good luck!!!! What time of day are you doing yours? I always did mine right before bed so I'd lay on the heating pad for a bit and then roll over and go to sleep. By morning, it hardly hurt.

  11. Yikes! I have never done PIO before, but will for my transfer in September. I am really nervous about it, but reading the tips here is great. Good luck!

  12. I'm a bit late on posting a comment, but I hope you are doing better! I found I developed knots when I pushed the oil in too rapidly (1-2 minutes). The routine that worked for me was to grab a book, crawl in bed and get comfy on my side, poke, and then very slooooooowly inject over the next 10 - 15 minutes. I would push a tiny bit in, let go of the syringe and go back to my book. It looked a little creepy with a syringe sticking out of my hip for that long, but it truly became second nature and didn't bother me past the first few times. When I was done injecting, I would lay on a heating pad for 5 minutes. The heat and the pressure of laying on that spot seemed to disperse the oil and I would have a very minimal knot, if one at all.

    I hope that you are able to use some of these great tips from all of these ladies' comments and find some relief!


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