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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Planning, packing and PIO

I can't believe it, I leave on Wednesday. Wednesday! Wow that is just a few days away. Between now and then I have a lot of packing and planning to do. Maddie is staying with a family friend (at night, during the days with her dad). I need to pack her stuff as she is going there on Tuesday night. I have most of my shopping done and know what I am packing. A friend is coming over to watch my babysitting kids so I have to plan that too.

We are still $250 short for the transfer. My flight was $120 more than we had hoped. And the PIO was an unexpected $120 for 2 weeks. We will most likely have to dip into savings but that is okay. Not my first choice, but we can live with it. And there are still 3 days left before I leave. You never know how God might bless.

Oh, and the PIO. Ouch! I forgot how uncomfortable it is. The actual injection is not bad, but the soreness afterward is not fun. I am doing them on my left side right now since hubby is here to give them to me. I am right handed and don't have a great range of motion in my neck to turn left so I can only of the right side. I am saving that side of my hiney for FL when I have to do them myself.

In just a few days I will be lounging on the beach (if it doesn't rain) and the next day meeting our embies. Not much longer now!!!!


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  2. I'm holding my breath reading this post! I am so excited for you!!

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