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Monday, July 1, 2013

Just twiddling my thumbs

Currently I am in a holding pattern, waiting for July AF to arrive and then leave and then for August AF to arrive so that I can begin my meds. I am about a week from my July one so only about 5 weeks until I start my meds. So not too bad!!

While waiting we are raising the money needed for travel. The good news, actually GREAT news, is that we don't need as much as we thought. The first piece of great news is that the airline will waive the rebooking fee, giving me the entire $350 to apply to another flight. YIPPEE!!! That is a savings of $200. Then, if that wasn't enough, I called the local RE's office to ask if my last u/s could be billed to my insurance since a mass had been found and it was no longer an infertility issue. Previously the woman working in billing refused to even try to bill my insurance because 1) I don't have IF coverage and 2) I am not technically a patient there (just doing monitoring). However, when I called, the new woman in the billing department informed me that the u/s HAD been billed and HAD been paid!!! Insurance covered half of it as I had not met my deductible at that time. So I have a $130 credit on my account there. Also, they will bill my insurance for my next u/s as well. If they pay it all I will get a refund. If not, then I will just owe $130. Either was it is a win-win for us! This leaves us just about $300 to come up with which is not bad at all. I am hoping to have it all here soon.

So all in all things are moving forward and going well.


  1. I love when the financial stuff works out like that!

  2. Yay! It's getting there.
    We are just saving up money- and will probably try again at the end of August. It dragging.....

  3. Oh gosh, Jess! You are ALMOST THERE! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!


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