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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cycle starts in 3 weeks!

I am very fortunate that my cycles are regular. I have enough other issues that if I had that too I might scream! So I should start my next period in 3 weeks which means that it will be time to begin our next cycle!!! I am getting excited. I should be in FL around the 20th-23rd of August. I should be home in time for Maddie's birthday. I am not planning her actual party date until after I have a transfer date.

I have everything ready to go for this trip. Well, everything that I can have ready. My sitter is lined up. My credit is waiting for the flight. I will book my hotel once I have a tentative date but will wait until my CD13 scan before booking the flight and rental car. Oh, a question about rental cars. Because I will only have 5-7 days notice to rent the car it will be higher than if I do it sooner. But if I do it before things are set in stone and the cycle is canceled again we will lose that money. We recently received an offer to join AAA and I am considering it. It is a good service to have in general, but the discounts available are an added bonus. Also, we would get a $25 gift card to Hertz rental cars. Any experience with them? Do they tend to be reasonably priced? I am trying to decide if it is worth it or not to get AAA. We do have roadside assistance with our phones so it is not necessary to get AAA but we do not get any discounts for having it. Thoughts??

Also, I may need to purchase Endometrin if anyone has any to sell cheap. I also have two boxes of Crinone that I can trade or sell if anyone is interested. I won't purchase anything until I receive a BFP, but want to know my options.


  1. Yea! Great news! We will be cycling about a month apart! Thinking about you today!

  2. You are getting sooo close! We are on schedule for a September transfer. I don't have the date yet, but was told this week I had to be on OCPs by Aug. 10th! Excited for you!!


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