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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Subtle Symptoms

Whoever thought that getting a pregnant would end the worrying was completely wrong!!! Before I found out that I was pg I worried that I would never get pg. Now that I am I am worried that something will go wrong. I don't sit around in constant fear, but the thought is always in the back of my mind. Especially right now as we wait another 2 weeks for our first ultrasound. I think the wait would be easier to endure if I had something more than subtle symptoms.

Had we gotten pg naturally and I felt like I do now I would have no idea that I was even pg. I am a little moody, but not too bad. PMS was much worse than this is right now. I find that I get tired sometimes, but nothing too noticeable. I have an under active thyroid so that is something that I deal with anyway. My boobs are sore, but again, PMS did that one too. The only things that are different are my sense of smell and taste. I can smell everything!!!! And many foods taste different. I have very little appetite as well. I had morning sickness 2-3 nights but nothing too bad. All things that could be explained away by some other condition or issue.

I know that I should be very thankful to be feeling so well while others suffer miserably with their pregnancies. And I am glad that I am not ill all of the time. But while morning sickness is not fun it is reassuring. Waiting is the pits!!!!! I am praying that I can overcome these fears and enjoy this pregnancy. I don't want to spend the entire time between appointments living in fear, missing the joys of carrying a child.


  1. Am praying for you in this two week wait for your US. Those feelings are soooo completely normal! Its hard sometimes to just enjoy and not worry. Esp when everyone has a story to tell or esp with you trying for so long! Hang in there and try to enjoy as much as possible.

  2. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that have a wonderful pregnancy and never feel bad! That is what is so bad about TTC and PMS-you always have the small glimmer of hope that you just might be pregnant. Wish the symptoms weren't the same! Praying for you during this time that God will give you His peace. He is in control!

  3. Hopefully you will have an easy pregnancy! I am still so thankful for my constant sickness (okay not all the time)! But at 12 weeks I still have all those insecurities and fears. I must keep reminding myself that this is GOD'S BABY & he is in control. HUGS!

  4. I'm kind of laughing about the worrying continuing even though you're pregnant now. It won't EVER end! Because next you'll worry you'll make it to the 42 weeks (or whatever that safe week is), then you'll worry delivery will go well, then you'll worry that the newborn(s) will eat, then you'll worry that they'll never get on a sleeping schedule....pretty soon you'll be worrying about how to pay for college. :) Hee hee!! Joys of parenting. I'm so glad you're experiencing this. :)


  5. So excited for you! And I completely agree with Christy! Your worries and prayers have now taken a new turn on your journey! One well worth it all! Again, Very Happy for you!

  6. I'm sure worrying is a big part of motherhood!!



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