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Thursday, December 17, 2009

No BFP.....yet

Sorry to disappoint, but no BFP this morning. Here is where I am confused though: I took a 2nd test last night (at dh's insistence and knowing full well it would be negative as I had gone potty just 2 hours prior) and it was negative and when I checked it this morning no evap line, no surprise. Then this morning I took one at 7 am and waited a full hour and nothing. No evap, no nothing. I just checked it yet again and still nothing. So either that first test is a total fluke, this test is messed up, or I had a higher # yesterday and it is declining. I hate this whole 2WW thing!!!!

I am planning on going out today and buying a different brand test, but one that is still as sensitive. Maybe tomorrow I will have good news! Thanks for all of the prayers and encouragement everyone!


  1. It's still really early. Don't read too much into the negatives yet. I have my fingers crossed and am saying my prayers for you!

  2. Its still early and we are all still praying!!!!!!!! Hang in there! And youll deserve to pamper yourself after this stressful waiting period! that is for sure!!


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