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Thursday, June 21, 2012

it is just not time yet.....

I hate writing that, but it is true. I so badly want another baby. Right now! Or at least be on the waiting list for embryos. Right now. But to add one more thing to my plate would most likely cause me to be institutionalized.  My life is consumed with caring for Maddie, watching my niece every day and taking hubby to therapy (lymphatic therapy for his leg). He started with a month of visits but it has now been extended for 3 months. The therapist is 30 miles away and the session lasts 90 minutes. With traffic we are easily gone for 3 hours. Thankfully I don't take him every day. His friend takes him the majority of the time but is out of town right now so it all falls to me for the next week and a half.

Add to this that Maddie is the poster child for "terrible twos" and there is just no way to that I can add a consultation, testing and dealing with clinics to this list. Right now I have 4 baskets of laundry to fold, a sink full of dishes and a floor covered in toys and books. Hubby will fold the laundry but I have to bring it to him (his leg is in a soft cast and mobility is an issue right now), the kids will pick up the toys but I have to supervise, and the dishes, well those are left to me. I just don't have the energy right now to care let alone actually do anything about it all.

So we continue in "wait" mode. I hate waiting. Detest it really. Yet it is what is best. I am so tired of waiting. Yet I am just plain tired right now so there is no other option.

On a good note though, Maddie is sleeping much better! Not great. Not even really good. But much better. :)


  1. We do an awful lot of waiting when we're dealing with infertility. I don't much like it either.

  2. I thought you had embies??? Are you just waiting for a better time to transfer? We'll keep praying that things fall into place when it's God's perfect time.

  3. We did have embies on two occasions but neither worked out. We are going to go with a clinic, most likely in CA. We will have to go on the wait list there and it is up to 6 months depending upon criteria. Since our only criteria is caucasion hopefully our wait won't be too long.


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