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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, Pinterest! How I love thee!

Have you jumped on the Pinterest train yet? If you haven't you really do not know what you are missing. And that ain't no exaggeration! It is genius! For those that are not familiar (if there are any left out there) Pinterest is a place to find, keep and organize ideas. Like if you see a recipe that you just have to try you can "pin" it to your Recipe board. Then later, when you are feeling creative, you can easily find it again and dazzle your family with your amazing cooking skilz.

My favorite things to "pin" are recipes, DIY projects, party ideas, and craft ideas. I have made several things too and all but one has been great. Are you a pinner? What are your favorite things or people to follow? I did find RESOLVE today on there and they had some nice IF related pics that I pinned.

If you are not a pinner you really should become one. You know you wanna be cool like the rest of us! ;)

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  1. Totally a Pinterest fan! I see it almost like reading a magazine... you get tons of ideas and get to browse for things you like. A guilty pleasure for sure.


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