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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Infertility or not....

parenting a toddler is hard! Nothing prepares you for this! LOL At the end of the day I feel as though I worked a 40 hour work week. Actually, that would be like a vacation. So what is Miss Maddie doing that is driving me towards insanity, you ask? Where do I start?

The other day Maddie kept telling me she had to "poop!!" Her diaper was dry so I took it off and placed her on the big potty. And nothing. I went to put on her diaper and she totally freaked out. I then got out her potty chair and let her run au naturel. She kept sitting on it and nothing...again. So I turned to throw something away and on my way back into the living room I noticed something just wasn't right. It took me a moment to realize that there was a big people size turd on the carpet. Gross!!! She was now wearing the potty chair bowl on her head and squatting and pointing at her poo poo say "Oh no!". How this all happened in less than 30 seconds I will never know!

Then another night she had had her bath and was dressed in a night gown and diaper and laying on our bed watching TV. Hubby and I were in the living room watching our show and here comes Maddie walking through the living room. Naked. Carrying a dirty diaper to her bedroom to throw away in her diaper pail.

Today she put her hands down her diaper and then showed me her poop covered fingers. Lovely!

Not everything is centered around poop though. Oh, no, not at all. This afternoon she dumped her lunch onto her tray and proceeded to smear it all over her body and hair and then tossed it onto the floor. All while I was yelling at her to stop but I was unable to get to her as I was feeding my niece. 

Right now she is sharing chocolate covered raisins with her dad. She is sucking off the chocolate and giving the raisins back to dad.

I love this kid! She keeps me busy, wears me out, and turns my hair gray but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!


  1. Oh man, such fun things to look forward to. Ha! I feel like I'm already worn out and mine can't take her own diaper off yet!

  2. as usual you made me laugh so much my face hurts and reminded me that it could be worse.


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