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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CIO makes me sad

CIO (cry it out) was something that I hoped to never have to do. But alas, it was necessary. Maddie is a fantastic child. She listens fairly well, so far no separation anxiety and will go in the nursery easily, eats well, is loving, etc. We mainly fight with her on eating dog food and paper and playing in the dog water. And sleeping. Or the lack thereof. She has always been a horrible sleeper. She used to get up at 2 am and stay up for 3-4 hours. Then she quit sleeping in her bed at all. She gets up 2-4 times a night still and she is 10 months old!! Most of these bad habits started because of her ear infections. Laying down for any length of time caused pain and I just didn't have the heart to make her. So she slept with us. But now that she is better it was time.

Tonight I made her cry herself to sleep. I felt like a horrible mommy!!! I have attempted this before but only lasted about 15 minutes. She cries like her best friend died and I just couldn't handle it. She would be red, covered in tears and trembling. It was awful!! But the past few nights she barely slept and had hubby not been home I would have had to find someone to watch her. I did not want to be near her. I was exhausted!!! And at my wits end. So I had to grow a backbone and do this. She cried for 40 minutes and I checked on her twice (which only made it worse) but she did it. She fell asleep!!! It was one of the worst things I had to do, but it was so worth it!! Now if she would just sleep all night...... One battle at a time, I guess!


  1. Oh it must have been so difficult, so good for you for sticking too it!! What a good mummy you are to do such a hard thing.

  2. it makes me sad, too. we had 3 hard nights of cio, but it was so worth it. once in a while he regresses and we have to do it again. it breaks my stinking momma heart every.single.time. but it is so worth it. and i have to remind myself of what dr. weissbluth (healthy sleep habits, happy child) said...you are not letting your baby cry, you're helping your baby learn how to sleep. :) big hugs!

  3. Have you read 'the no=cry sleep solution'?

  4. I've read Dr. Weissbluth's book and the No Cry Sleep Solution and we were able to find a middle road that worked for us (and it did involve some crying - and Genna cried too ;) ). You really just have to find what works for your family. Getting good sleep is so important - for the whole family. Ya do what ya gotta do.

  5. That would be so hard but you'll be glad you did it. Hope it doesn't take too long for her to learn the routine.


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