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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

this was to be the month

After I had Maddie I asked my OB when I could get pregnant again. He preferred that I wait 9 months so that there was 18 months between deliveries. This month marks the 9 month mark. And I am not pregnant. Nor am I anywhere near being able to try again. I will admit that it makes me a bit sad. I had really hoped to be in the position to at least begin looking for a clinic with available embryos, but we are at least another 6 months from that. Why in the world I had even thought to "plan" a pregnancy I will never know!!! I "planned" to have babies 12 years ago but you can see how that worked out for me!! LOL

I hate to be in another holding pattern, but obviously God wants me there. He wants me to wait a bit longer. Or maybe even a lot longer. Probably until He knows that I won't lose my mind. Sleep deprivation is killing me!!! But I'm not complaining. Its a good problem to have. Now off to try to nap for a few minutes......


  1. I always laugh when I hear people who haven't started TTC talk about their plan for spacing their children. They are so innocent and naive, and I hope their dreams do come true, but I know this is one of those areas that can't always be planned.

  2. Trying to decide when to start trying again (especially when you had to try so hard for the first one) is a tough decision. I know that YOU will know when the time is right. (Perhaps when you aren't so sleep deprived, you will get a sign???)
    Hang in there!


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