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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Cleaver, I'm not!

I always had this image of the "perfect mom". She was a cross between June Cleaver, Claire Huxtable and Carol Brady. I am not sure what exactly I am, but it's not those three! I always pictured my house clean, myself impeccably dressed, Maddie in the cutest clothes and bows and gourmet dinners on the table. Instead I look like a schlub, dinner is hot dogs, my house is trashed and Maddie....well.....let's just say that I think she is always adorable, but the other day she was total dirtball. I have always said that I would never let my child run around in just a diaper. Yeah, right! Last week Maddie had Hand, Foot & Mouth disease and was miserable. She ran a 102 fever and was covered in blisters. I stripped her down to a diaper and let her go. I then gave her some juice and she dribbled half of it all over her. Do you know what happens to juice when it dries? It gets sticky!! So Maddie was covered in dog fur, my hair, lint and anything else she could find. She then fell asleep just like that. Yeah, I win mother of the year!!!

Seriously though, I am much more laid back than I thought I would be. I wish that I spent a bit more time cleaning or cooking, but mostly I am too tired (she still does not sleep well). And I would rather spend time with her instead. I may never get this opportunity again and I want to cherish every minute of it. One day I will clean this house! Or hire someone to do it for me!!


  1. I bet cleaning Maddie is much more fun than cleaning your house, so I would like to propose a new strategy. Drip juice over Maddie, let her pick up all the dirt around the house, then just bathe her!!! She has fun, your house gets clean, and you get to clean off something cute rather than the boring old house. It's pretty amazing that I give this advice for free, isn't it? ;-)

  2. I could've written this exact post. Let me tell you....I just had my first professional cleaning....and it was worth every single penny. As a working mom, I have so little time with my little guy that I decided it is not worth our precious time...and I gladly relinquish the title of June cleaver. I actually would rather be Claire huxtable, and I am not convinced that she didn't hire someone to clean her house....

  3. I vote to be Carol Brady. She had Alice to cook and clean,

  4. tsivfer- love the advice!!!! =)


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