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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventures in POOP

Maddie is now 9 months old and goodness, this child gets into everything!!! And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. This includes poopie. It all started last week. She was playing so nicely by herself, laying under the kitchen table. She was laughing and being so good. Then she crawled to me and had a little Hitler stache. I thought "I wonder what she got into". I picked her up to look and the smell hit me. It was poo!!! While laying on the kitchen floor (on an area rug) she poo'd and it came out the back of her diaper. It was on the rug, both of her hands, her face (yuck!!!) and now all over me. This was one of those times that you strip them down and hose them off in the tub. Hubby and I joked that since she likes poo we were going to have to fight her and the dogs away from the cat litter now. (yes, my dogs like kitty poo. We call it the poo-poo platter.)

Well, guess what?? I am a prophetess. I saw the future. Today I thought that she was sitting by my feet. Instead she had silently crawled down the hallway and into the bathroom. I found her with both hands in the kitty litter. Do you realize just how gross this is????? She thought it was hilarious!! As I told her "NO, Maddie!! We don't play with kitty poo!! Yuck!" I began stripping her down and bathing her. Again. Thankfully I got to her before she ate any of it. I think. We shall see what we find in her diaper tomorrow.

Then tonight. Oh, yes, the adventure continues. Maddie had a stinky diaper so I changed her. No problem, all went well. Then I noticed that she felt warm so I took her temp. I still take it rectally and she does fine with it. We do it often as she has had chronic infections and I have had to monitor it so it was no big deal. But this time she fought me a bit. I noticed that it bothered her and she was bearing down. I assumed (stupid me) that she was just trying to push out the thermometer. How wrong I was!!! Before I know it out comes poopie. All over the table, her clothes and the thermometer. That is still in her bum. I couldn't get it to stop. It was like a soft serve ice cream machine stuck in the on position. Poo was going everywhere and I had no place to put the thermometer. I finally get it all cleaned up but realize that I need to do this again. The thermometer hadn't stopped and it was on 101.8 when I took it out. Great! A fever! So we try this again. And you guessed it.....another pooplosian. But I didn't give up!! Well, not until after 4 attempts. I still am not sure what her actual temp was. Once she fell asleep I took it under her arm and it was only 99.6 so either it went down after the Tylenol or it was never that high and the poo just warmed up the thermometer. That is just nasty!

So that was my week. I have had it up to here with poo! Literally!!!!


  1. Oh my...glad it was you and not me!!

  2. I feel your pain. We had one such blow out this week. Of course my daughter who is two did not tell me and sat on the couch before I noticed! Everything ended up in the bath tub for a hose down.

  3. Oh WOW! Hope she is feeling better and there are no more adventures in poop any time soon!

  4. I had to laugh....My Genna is famous for pooping on me. My son never did it...but this girl seems to only want to poop during a diaper change the moment you don't have something under her...and yes...it pretty much is a frozen yogurt machine you can't turn off!!!! Time for a baby gate for the bathroom...the kitties will learn to jump over it but Maddie will be blocked from the Kittie Rocha inside...ha ha! Motherhood is peachy huh? :)


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