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Monday, April 11, 2011

yeah, these are awesome!!!


A friend of mine is getting ready for her first IVF cycle. She is nervous and stressed right now thinking about it. Originally I had planned on making her an IVF survival kit but her cycle is coming up faster than she thought it would and I don't have time. I really wanted to get her something fun and to show her some support so I found these. They are cowgirl boot socks! You know, since her feet will be in stirrups!!! I love the idea! And I hope that each time she wears them it brings a smile to her face, lightening a stressful moment.


  1. Too cute! Very thoughtful of you!

  2. I think they are so cute. I'd love to get a pair of them for when I have my ob/gyn exams. Where did you get them?

  3. I got them from www.girlshorseclothes.com


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