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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where do you find support?

This past year I have found a tremendous amount of support within the blogging community. I had resisted the idea of blogging for so long, thinking that it was silly. Now that I have been doing this for a year I have found it not only helpful and supportive, but I have met some pretty terrific fellow bloggers as well. But before I found the blogoshere I was (and still am) active on infertility forums. I am a member of a few, but very active on one. It was my saving grace during some of my darkest valleys. It is Stepping Stones and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for fellow infertiles. Some of the ladies there are my closest friends and I have met many in person. Another forum is Hannahs's Prayer (hannahsprayer.org). I am a member there but not as active. You have to join and post before you can access the forums. (Stepping Stones is public forum with a few private forums within it).

So where do you find your support? Friends and family? Support groups? Church? Blogs? Forums? If you know of a forum or blog that is especially helpful please let us know!! You can never have too much support!


  1. I have to admit that I started reading blogs for information, anything that might help me. The next step was creating a blog and sharing what I have learned along the way too. It's been such a relief to have give and take with other women who "get it."

    I also ran across this blog this past Summer: http://pregnantwithhope.wordpress.com/ I've read her book too and really appreciate her spiritual perspective on infertility. It's so easy to forget about WHO is really in control.

  2. I also wrote a blog about support... please stop by and check it out, follow me and leave a link to your post as a comment. Thanks!



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