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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Raising money for treatments

I know that for the majority of us paying for IUIs, IVF and even EA is a challenge. Most of us do not have thousands and thousands laying around. Some take out loans, borrow from family, have a yard sale, sell a kidney, etc. If you adopt traditionally you may find that family and friends are quick to do fundraisers, but with medical treatments many are reluctant to help. And most of us reluctant to ask. It is almost taboo. It leaves most of it on our shoulders and can be quite discouraging.

We are currently getting ready for our FET and while we have the money in savings we are hoping not to have to dip into it for all of it. We still have $2500 owed to the clinic for the actual FET, $265 for the u/s to check my lining, at least $250 for my airline ticket, and then the hotel and the rental car. We just paid $525 for the MET and we were able to come up with $400 of that by selling an item and an unexpected refund check. For the lining check and the airline ticket we are trying to raise that as well without using our savings. So we are having a yard sale. I don't have a whole, whole lot to sell, but we hope to raise at least $100 this way. After that I am not really sure what we will do. We only have 3-4 weeks to raise it so it may not happen.

So what are some ways that you have raised the money? What tips do you have to help others? Please share your ideas and I will later post all of the compiled suggestions.


  1. I have been looking around my house to find things that I don't/won't use. (books, CDs, DVDs, extra laptop, etc.) I put them on fb and ebay and made over $1000 just selling random things like that.
    I've seen several adoption bloggers do the puzzle piece fundraiser, where you buy a 500 piece puzzle and ask friends and family to buy pieces at $10 each. Pretty easy way to make $5000. You can write the donor names on the back of the pieces so you'll have a reminder of who helped you.

  2. I've actually heard of people making a good amount of money selling cupcakes at lunch. Wishing you the best!

  3. We had several garage sales. Out last one brought $3,000. I have done Pampered Chef fundraising online shoes and earned several hundred dollars that way. I, like Ashley, sold many things on eBay and Craigslist. We raised over a thousand dollars that way too. We did giveaways and we did pre orders for pumpkin bread and sold them to be delivered Thanksgiving week. We had friends help bake them and wrap and deliver them. I have a couple more ideas we are thinking about for this coming adoption.


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