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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meds are on their way!

I received a call from the pharmacy today to give me the total for my meds. I knew that insurance was going to cover it and that I could get a 3 month supply at a bit of a reduced rate, but we all know things happen or information is incorrect. So I was hoping for good news but prepared for the worst. I got the call today that insurance approved it for the 3 month supply and that my copays are really good. I am getting Vivelle and Crinone (which is like $260 a box and I need 2....maybe 4....a month) and the total for 3 months is $200. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that it is covered!! They will be delivered tomorrow and I will be ready to go once I start my next cycle. About 2 weeks to go before CD1. WOOT!

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