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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Personhood Law

Mississippi is trying to pass the Personhood Law. In short it would make embryos "people" and give them the same rights as a person. It sounds like a good law, right? For those of us that are pro-life it sounds like a step in the right direction, but in reality it scares me. First, it will ban all abortions. I am anti-abortion for any reason but one: when the life of the mother is at risk. A woman that will die if she carries to term should have the ability to choose life for herself. It is a decision that none of us ever want to face, but the truth is it happens and we need to protect that right. Also, what about ectopic pregnancies? This will also endanger the life of the mother and there is no chance of survival of the embryo. Will this be illegal as well?

Another ramification is for embryologists. Embryos are delicate and many do not survive. Will they be liable for those that are accidentally mishandled? Or those that just don't survive? And what about cryopreservation? Will we no longer be able to freeze embryos? If they are people then I doubt tossing them in a freezer will be acceptable. So this would mean that all IVF procedures would be fresh cycles. This means more money and more medications and invasive procedures for couples undergoing IVF. This would also eliminate embryo adoption/donation in the future once all of the frozen ones were gone. And for those that are currently in cryobanks, if they were made available to other couples it would only be for true embryo adoption. Home studies and adoption agencies would be required and the cost would go up significantly. And that would mean that Maddie would never have a sibling.

With all of that said I do think that the law has soon good points. I do believe that life begins at conception, regardless of where said conception begins. I am against embryonic stem cell research and the destruction of embryos. I am against abortion. But making a law to deems embryos as people is not the way to protect life. Outlaw embryonic stem cell research. Tighten up abortion laws. Encourage clinics to educate patients on what their options are for extra embryos. But not one law encompassing them all.

What are your thoughts on this law?

**This is not a debate about abortion so please do not turn it into that.**


  1. So far it's just Mississippi. This "proposed" law is the most rediculous shit I've ever heard. I don't believe in abortion but to make birth control illegal??? It's never gonna happen.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said. This just seems so rediculous and not well thought out at all. I totally understand wanting to protect life at every stage, but there just needs to be some reason and logic infused here and this "blanket" law doesn't really seem to contain that. Who are the people who write these things? It just blows my mind how single minded and non-analytical lawmakers can be. I'm scared for my children! Ahrg!

  3. sorry I was anonymous in my last post...I was on the wrong google log in...

  4. Georgia has a law that allows a petition for adoption be filed in an embryo adoption. It is a great law in that it secures rights without imposing any restrictions or regulations.

    @E - if the Mississippi law makes contraceptives illegal than it will be unconstitutional as there is federal case law guaranteeing access to contraceptives.

  5. You pretty much summed up my feelings on this issue.

  6. Hello from ICLW!

    I had heard about this law in passing but hadn't read up on it yet-- thank you for you discussion of some of the issues it presents; it gave me a lot to think about :)

  7. I am just worried how this would affect the IF community! I can understand why they are doing it, but I think that it might change the way ART is done in your state.

    How many babies are walking this earth today that were the result of embryo adoption or a FET??

    Happy ICLW


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