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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First call to Poison Control

So my little Maddie has been a little spitfire lately. She is into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! She has opened every drawer in the house today and emptied them all out. I have 3 tables in my living room and they have wicker drawers in them. I finally emptied them out and they are now her toy boxes. She wins!! She also goes into her bedroom and dumps her baskets of shoes, socks and tights. All over her room!


Today I have been trying to clean my house. Trying being the operative word. I used the last of my Ly.sol disinfecting wipes but left the container on my counter. The window was open and the wind blew it of my counter and Maddie got it. It has some the cleaning liquid at the bottom of it but the lid was on so I thought it was okay. Next thing I know she is sucking the cleaner out of the lid. I am sure that she only got a tiny bit of it, but I have no way to be sure. I decided to call poison control just to be safe and thankfully it is okay. And as an added bonus her breath is now Ly.sol fresh!!

I swear, this kid is going make the rest of my hair turn gray!! =)


  1. Wow she is going to keep you on your toes :)

  2. YIKES!!!!! Scary situation, so glad all is well:) Your little Maddie is going to keep you on your toes for sure (just like my little boy!).

  3. Oh my....she IS a spitfire. I LOVE it!!! My two have kept us rediculously busy lately with way too many scares...in just the past 5 months we have had tube surgery a siezure, 2 emergency room visits, a concussion, 2 cat scans and a 911 call for an egg allerty reaction (SCARY)!!! We have officially met the out of pocket maximum for our insurance this year on our medical insurance and I am now a walking paranoid, over protective mother! So...I feel for you. We have surrendered all bookshelves, drawers and baskets in our family room to the kids..AND...that is in addition to their very own playroom that is just steps away...they take over don't they?



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