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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oops! My mistake. (post-op appt)

Yesterday was my post-op appointment. The first thing my doctor says is "Good God, you made me work!!". LOL  I knew my surgery was more complicated than my previous ones, but did not realize just how much. When he got in there it was actually not a hydrosalpinx (fluid filled tube) as originally suspected, but a 7-8 cm corpus luteum cyst that was attached to my bowels, tube and ovary. He had to drain it to even begin and then called in a general surgeon to detach it from my bowels. He then removed it, taking part of my tube and part of my ovary as well. He showed me the pics from it and yuck! I so did not need to see that.  This tube has always been blocked and this ovary is attached to my bowels and unable to detach without losing it, so this ovary is "uselss" unless we do IVF. Which we have no plans to do. Yet I felt sad that another part of my reproductive organs had been removed. I already lost part of my other ovary years ago. Now a tube and part of the other ovary? There really is little left. I have always dreamed of getting one of the surprise pregnancies one day. You know, the ones that fertile people get? Yeah, one of those. Like at 49 or something crazy with my luck. But my chances of that happening are slim to none. More none than slim, too. Now it is even slimmer. At least some part of me is slim though, right? Glass half full. ;-)

All in all I am healing well. My incision is starting to get infected so I am on antibiotics for that. We are on track for an August transfer. My OB was glad to hear that as I need the time to heal. Now to continue replenishing the Baby Fund. Another $500 will allow us to not use our savings as all, which would be awesome! I faxed a letter to the airlines for review and should hear back in 5-7 days whether they will waive the $200 fee because I canceled the flight. If they do not waive it then we will need $700 instead of $500. Praying they waive the fee!!!

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