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Thursday, March 14, 2013

You can't make this stuff up!

Last month, after my BFN, I developed a UTI. I started meds but after 2 days I got what I thought to be a virus and quit taking them (too sick to care). Then 2 weeks ago I had the symptoms of the UTI again and stated a new round of antibiotics, determined to finish them. And again, 2 days later I felt flu-like symptoms. And guess what? It can be a side affect of Macrobid. Lovely. Just lovely! So quit and called for a new one but I am waiting to see if I have any symptoms before taking it. Between these two rounds of antibiotics I got a yeast infection. That is fun, right? And this Monday I just started antibiotics for strep. Because my life isn't crazy enough! And last night my tongue felt weird. Know what that is? Thrush. Now I just need a yeast infection to round out all of this. And yes, I was eating yogurt. My body is just wacky like that. LOL I need all of this to be over so that I can focus on building the baby fund. I could use a trip to Florida right about now! :)


  1. That sucks! So sorry you are having an icky time.

  2. Sucky! Hang in there, Jess!

    Every time I get put on antibiotics I take some garlic to prevent a yeast infection. Might be worth trying :)

  3. I had a similar experience years ago and now avoid antibiotics whenever possible! They really are lifesavers in some situations, but the side effects can be horrible!

  4. any time I get a UTI I always ask for a yeast infection med too b/c the antibiotics can sometimes cause them which in my case means they ALWAYS cause them! Hang in there!

  5. You should ask for a script for diflucan whenever you get an antibiotic! And take acidophilus! I pretty much get a yeast infection every time I take an antibiotic. It sucks.


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