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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hubby is better today!

They admitted him to the hospital last night. His white blood cell count was 19 (should be under 11). They started him on IV antibiotics and today his wbc is 12. This is fantastic progress!!! When he was admitted 4 weeks ago we went to a different hospital than his previous times (his therapists were there and we were wanting him to continue his therapy). This time we returned to his 'regular' hospital and the doctors there think that the antibiotics he was on was not strong enough. He had IV ones there as well and then sent home with 2 weeks worth of oral meds. He finished those just last week and since he is already sick again it is plausible that it is the same infection. With the new antibiotics he is healing much quicker and we are praying that he will be able to come home on Monday. And so far his leg looks really good. No extra swelling and no weeping. He is also in really good spirits which I am thankful for. These infections tend to knock him down and depress him a bit because of how much it sets him back in the weight loss and therapy. But he is doing very well and ready to be home.

Thank you all for the prayers. We both really appreciate it!!

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  1. :) So HAPPY to hear the good news!!! Hoping he is home very soon, and on the road to recovery. Praying for you all


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