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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sleep training night 2: SUCCESS....sort of

So last night was much of the same. I did wait a bit longer to lay her down, until she was good and sleepy; drowsy but awake. The instant I picked her up to take her to bed she arched her back and started crying. I laid her down and shut the door and it got worse. After 3o minutes of pure torture I went in but did not pick her up. I sat next to her bed and tried to calm her down. I offered to hold her hand and lay there but she wanted none of it. She wanted OUT!! I gave it 5 more minutes and I brought her out to the living room again. She fell right to sleep and I laid her down immediately and she stayed asleep. So while this part was not overly successful the next part is: She slept ALL NIGHT LONG! In her OWN bed! Yeah, you read that right. Nine and a half hours of blissful slumber. For her, not me. I woke up 3 times to check on her. But she SLEPT!!

Honestly, rocking her to sleep does not bother me. I actually enjoy it. Probably why she is so spoiled now. If she will sleep all night I could care less how we achieve it. So I count night 2 as a success. Now onto day three!


  1. Awesome. I have always rocked my babies (even though Babywise says they don't need it...it is a sleep prop)....but I just don't care. When life is so busy...the 15-20 minutes of pure snuggle before bedtime is priceless. The key is being able to put her in her bed and she gets a good night of sleep and so do you. Serioulsy...I consider this a HUGE win. And yes...it will be about a week before you stop waking up to check...if you don't have a video monitor...I suggest getting one. It has saved me...I can wake for an instant...check the monitor and never get out of bed and be right back to sleep. I can't help it...I'm a checker...I need to know they are breathing and not stuck between the crib slats!

    Good job mama!



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