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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not sure I like this!

I logged in today to see that my page had the new Blogger layout. I am not sure if I like this or not. Actually, I might like it but I dislike change. Change throws off my groove. But I will get used to it and most likely prefer it over the old layout. This week is NIAW and to be honest, I have done nothing. No posts on FB, no blog posts, nothing. I had planned to at least post something on my FB status and I still might, but life is so crazy right now I haven't put a lot of thought into it. So tell me what you have done and maybe I will borrow (aka steal) your idea. ;-)


  1. I just wrote something, today. Just finished actually! :)

    Will probably put it on FB... We shall see!

  2. I'm not liking the new blogger look either. I hate change! I haven't done anything about NIAW yet.

  3. My statuses for the last two days have been well on the sarcastic side to inform and at the same time get off my chest the things that have been said to me in the past.

    For instance, yesterday my status was, "Thanks for offering me and Michael your child upon hearing that we are unable to have our own. But no thanks really :) I'd like to have the pleasure of messing up our own child from scratch."

    You should go check out my status today :)


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