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Friday, April 13, 2012

when life hands you lemons

....make lemonade. Or so the saying goes. But sometimes that is not possible. I think that this is one of those times. Back in December dh ended up in the hospital with cellulitis and septicemia. There was a day or two that we were not sure if he was going to survive, but praise God, he did! At this time he found a new primary doctor and went to work on improving his health. He had a ton of tests done and found a few issues that needed attention. He also began to work on losing weight. It took a few months but we finally found Medifast and it worked. He lost 6 pounds the first week! All seemed to be going in the right direction.

Then came Tuesday. It was like deja vu. He was back in the hospital, this time with fevers spiking over 104 degrees WITH Tylenol. It was scary!! This lasted 2 days and then things started to get better. his white blood cell count was going back to normal, his cultures came back normal, his heart rate was normal again. Things looked good, like he could come home today. But then we got news that his kidneys were not functioning at 100%. His creatinine was slightly elevated bt his BUN was still normal. Today his creatinine increased more and his BUN is high now too. They told me what they were concerned about but the name escapes me. Basically they are checking to see if he is in renal failure. They did an ultrasound on his kidneys and we should know more tomorrow.

They have thrown around a few ideas on what is causing this but they are not certain what exactly is going on. There is a chance that the antibiotics caused it but they changed them and it is still increasing. They also mentioned that Medifast might be a problem but he was only on it for 8 days and has been off for 5 days now and I would think that at some point it would have quit going up. So really, we just don't know what is going on.

I will be honest, I am concerned. Very concerned. If he loses function in both kidneys he will end up on dialysis. He will now be a candidate for a transplant with his current weight. If he has kidney issues he will not be able to continue Medifast, the first diet to ever work for him. I am just not ready to lose him and kidney issues are scary. I may be completely overreacting but I can't help it. Maddie needs he daddy. I need my hubby.

Please pray for him. And if you know anything about kidney issues that you could share please feel free to contact me. Also, Maddie and I could use a bit of prayer. She is having a really hard time with all of this. And I am so stressed out right now. Between going to the hospital, caring for 2 kids during the days and not sleeping I am exhausted. I just want him home and healthy.


  1. I'm so sorry. My grandmother is in renal failure right now and on dialysis, and I know how scary kidney failure is from watching her go through it. I pray you're husband doesn't end up there, at least not for a long, long, long time.

  2. So sorry to hear this. You must be so exhausted and worried. I will be praying for you. This may sound like a silly suggestion but it has helped me so many times - when you pray thank God specifically and individually for every awful, terrible circumstance you are enduring.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this is going on! I will definitely be saying my prayers for you and your family today! Stay strong honey, and just snuggle your little girl whenever you feel your losing your strength!
    Thinking of you!

  4. I'm so sorry, sending prayers for all of you during this stressful scary time. Please keep us updated!

  5. Oh Jess. I am sooo sorry. Definitely praying for you, hubby and Maddie.

  6. Thinking of you & the DH!! Sending lots of good thoughts to you both **hugs**


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