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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planning her 1st Birthday!

Can you believe that Maddie's first birthday is just weeks away?? I can't! It amazes me how fast she is growing up. I am excited about her birthday party. We are keeping it low key with mainly family and a few friends. We are having it at a local park under a pavilion. We will BBQ and have some other goodies. I plan on making the decorations, the cupcakes and even her outfit which will be a tutu. Everything will be in hot pink and lime green. I think that it will be adorable and I am excited to get started. I have set myself with a personal goal to do it all for $100 (including pavilion rental) and now I am shopping for bargains. I have already found a few deals. I wanted a beverage tub in pink and Walmart had one for $9 that I got for 80 cents! I got a case of water for $2 and I have coupons for 20 free Sier.ra Mists. I also have 2 packages of hot dogs for $3 so my total so far is less than $6. Once I get things finished I will post some photos. =D

And if anyone has any ideas of places to get cheap stuff please share!


  1. Ordering favors and decorations from orientaltrading.com is way cheaper than buying them in a store. Good luck with the party planning!

  2. Wow - 1 year! Good luck with the party planning!

  3. I can not believe it has been a year. I rarely comment, but I have been reading your blog since before she was born. Just after reading your post this morning I was on one of my favorite deal sites - Heartsy. They have a cute deal on banners which includes happy birthday banners. For $13 you get $28 towards banners. But with the $10 sign up offer you could get a banner shipped for just $3. Here is my link (you get a $10 sign up offer and I get a $5 referral offer): http://heartsy.me/user/88364/referral?c=plin

    Sounds like her party will be really great!

  4. Wow! Hard to believe your little one is almost a year old! Love the pink and green idea! Good luck on your budget goal...sounds like you are doing great with it already. :)

  5. How's everything going with the party planning?


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