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Friday, July 29, 2011

because misery loves company

I have been a horrible blogger, I know! Please forgive me!!! Life has just been crazy lately. Okay, it has been crazy for awhile now but these last 2 weeks have been the worst. Seriously, they have been.....yuck! It started with us leaving for IA for a week. Here is how it went:

*Maddie got sick almost immediately. We began nebulizer treatments trying to minimize her cough. Wednesday it got worse so I took her to the ER just to be safe. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Her third in 4 months.

*The next day she had a fever, wasn't eating and just looked bad so I took her back. She now had an ear infection. Her 9th. In seven months. ERRRR!!! They gave her an antibiotic.,

*Went to Wal.greens to get the RX filled. IT was the wrong RX. It was written for an 88 year old man. Pharmacy called hospital to correct it and when I returned it was pills. For my 10 month old. Seriously? They fixed it and gave her liquid but I still was unsettled about it and called our pharmacy back home just to be safe.

*Friday I was up with the most awful sore throat. EVER! And I have had strep and this was way worse. Way!

*Monday arrive home to soaking wet carpet. The A/C unit in our hallway was clogged and our hallway and Maddie's room were sloshing wet. Had to call repair man.

*Monday night I go Urgent Care for the sore throat as it is not getting any better. If I did not have a cough drop in my mouth I was almost in tears. Douche bag of a doctor told me to "use lozenges" and it was a sinus infection. Like i hadn't been doing that. He gave me an antibiotic and after much whining lidocaine as well. That stuff is gold!

*Wednesday we had a friend come over to charge the A/C in our 2nd car as hubby was going out of town on Thursday and I was to drive the Buick. Car has been sitting for a few months and the battery was dead. While trying to jump start it the door closed and the doors automatically locked. With the keys inside. SO no air, no battery and now no keys.

*Thursday my BIL came over and got the doors open. He jumped the car as well. I left it running but with the door open so as not to have a repeat of the night before. I then went to move our Tahoe which was behind the Buick. While backing up I noticed that the Buick door began to close. In a panic I threw the Tahoe in park and ran to grab the Buick door, only the Tahoe was not in park. It was in reverse and the door knocked me to the ground as it rolled into the neighbors yard. As I lay in the middle of the street I see it heading straight for our neighbor's car. I jump up and run my chubby little self towards it and jump in and stop it mere inches from the car. I quickly park it praying that no one had seen me.

*I then take the Buick to get the A/C charged and it won't move. The tires are locked. It finally goes and I get the A/C charged but it didn't work. No air. At least not cold air.

*And now I have thrush.

So that is my week!!! Actually, the last two weeks. Aren't you glad that you aren't me?? Next week will be better. It has to be! I can laugh at all of this now, but sheesh! It was a crazy 2 weeks.

On the Maddie front her birthday party is coming along. She is doing well. We are seeing a chiropractor now for her ears and are also cutting out all dairy. Not as easy as it sounds, but worth a try. So that sums it all up!



  1. Oh my, that was a terrible 2 weeks! It surely has to get better after that! Here's hoping next week is quieter!

  2. SO SORRY! You are right, things have been, BAD!

    "I jump up and run my chubby little self towards it and jump in and stop it mere inches from the car. I quickly park it praying that no one had seen me." Okay, I had to laugh. I can totally relate. BUT, you GO girl!!! You might just be a runner, Jess! Tee-hee.

    The sore throat that was a sinus infection? I had it this week two and it was a big pain in the ass. It totally zapped me! I am still stuffy and coughing. It was the WORST sore throat I've EVER had. So, even though you didn't know it, I was suffering with you.

    Um, what happened to Baby Maddie? She's so big! Sorry she's been miserable as well. Poor girl.

    Things will be better this week! Oh, how is the CDing going? Please do another CDing post telling us what you've learned, which dipes are your favs, what you couldn't live without, etc. M'kay? Thanks!


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