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Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on doctor's appointment

Thank you for all of the prayers. Unfortunately we still have no answers as to why she is having chronic ear infections. She tested negative for allergies except a mild cat allergy. The allergist ordered a ton of blood work as he is concerned with how many infections that she has had. The blood draw was horrible!! Holding her down and watching her cry was just so sad. But we were able to get it all done and will have the results in 3 weeks. Until then he is treating her aggressively with a nasal spray. It will help control her drainage and hopefully keep her from getting infections. So please pray that this not only works but that the blood tests will show a cause if there is one. There may not be, but if there is we want to find it and treat it.

In other news this kid is into everything!!! Ear infections certainly don't slow her down. Today she choked on a piece of dog food. I had to to the baby heimlich to get it out. Then she was mad that I took it!! Crazy kid!! I really can't understand how I am fat since all I do all day is chase her. And yes, I have to chase her. When she sees me she moves as fast as her four appendages can take her. I need a pen or a leash for her. She keeps me hopping!! But I love it!


  1. Oh gosh yeah, I had to get my 12 month old's blood drawn last week and it was horrible. He was traumitized.

    I hope the nasal sprays will at least help. When I had permanent tubes in my ears the drainage would seep out through the tubes and down my ear ......it was absolutely disgusting but it was a constant thing that helped keep the infections away.

    To this day if I get sick, I will get a horrible ear infection and not even know it.

  2. Poor thing. I will continue praying they find the answers. Yes, who needs a workout DVD when you have a toddler?? THanks for the update.


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