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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is she really almost 2 years old?

Maddie will be 21 months on the 25th. That means in 3 months she will be 2 years old. Where did my baby go? I have cherished this time and wish that I could rewind or even play parts of in slow motion. I may never get to do this again and hate to see time pass so quickly.  She is now a kid. A child with opinions. She is talking more every day. She takes her shoes off and puts them away without being told. She plays alone in her room. She throws her diapers away. She helps her cousin with her bottle. She has her favorite shows, Boo's Coos (Blue's Clues), Go! (Go, Diego, Go!) and Buppies (Bubble Guppies, my personal fave. "What time is it? Its time for lunch!" and "Everybody line up, line up, line!"). She is an individual. It is crazy!!! But I love to watch her grow and mature.

Now, what to do for her party? I am not a "theme" person. I like it coordinated and a color theme, but not like a character theme. But it is not about me, but Maddie. And she loves Elmo. A lot! So we may do an Elmo theme as much as it pains me. But I already have her outfit and it is not Elmo. Is that okay? Or do I need to get her a new outfit? Or scratch the theme? What to do? What to do?? Whatever I am going to do I want to get started soon. I love party planning and like to make things myself and need time to work on it. I just can't believe I am even thinking about this already. She just turned one! Time really does fly!


  1. Lol!!! I'm the same way (or at least I use to be) about the party planning. Here it is less than a month to my little one's first birthday and I don't really have a clue what I'm going to do:( I'm thinking little pinks, greens and purples. Anyhoo have fun planning:)

  2. My whole goal with the kid's birthdays is to avoid too much mess...ha ha!!!! We did Genevieve's first birthday at home with a ladybug theme because I absolutely hate pink and princesses....and I know she will want them soon...so for now...black and red little ladybugs had to suffice. For William...I do my best to get those crazy boys out of my house and off to a gym or bounce house for two hours of crazy jumping and climbing followed by some party food, cake and singing. We then write the check...pack up and are out of there!!!! It is AWESOME! And in the end..I spend less than if I would have tried to do the party at home with all the food, planning, decorations etc. I think it just depends on what you want and how much effort and money you want to expend. Overal themes I think are definitely determined by the child. We have done cars/trucks and super heroes for William so far. I suspect we will be heading toward princesses and barbies for Genevieve before too long. I think Elmo is great for a 2nd birthday. You have to admit...he is pretty cute. But don't worry..I'm pretty sure you don't have to have matchy matchy themed outfits.


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