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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Attending a baby shower

I have not attended a baby shower in over 7 years. There came a time in my life that I no longer felt the need to endure countless questions about my empty womb, advice on how to get pg, and other insensitive comments. All of my hiding is now coming to an end as my sister is pg and it is her shower. And I am hosting it. On MY birthday. How did this happen, you ask? I really do not know. But now that it has I am gearing up for the usual "so when will it be your turn?" and "you are not getting any younger" comments and I must say that I am not looking forward to it. Most of the attendees will be her friends with a smattering of family and family friends, most of which I have not seen on over 11 years. This should be fun! With family I feel somewhat compelled to be nice. Strangers? Not so much! But I will say that those that ask had better be prepared to hear a dissertation on the hows and whys (or in my case the how-not and why-not) of reproductive organs. Should I speak code: EA, FET, HSG, HCG, etc??? Or big words: sonohystogram, hysteroscopy, etc? Which would scare them more? By the time that I am done with them they may never ask another person if they have kids or not!


  1. Oh you so should do that whole HUGE word thing to them!! People can be soo insensitive! Just crazy! Ill be praying for you for this too! How crazy that it is all happening and on your bday too. You are gonna need some major pampering of yourself after that all is over! Pedis, Manis, Massage! I hate seeing people I havent seen for years! ugh.. another reason for the pampering! ha ha! Will be praying!

  2. That is EXACTLY why we havent shared our excitment but with 2 couples. Our parents don't even know. I want to AVOID at all costs "all the EA questions" until I'm good and pregnant. Instead I want to focus on me getting preggers not everyone elses opinions you know? YOu will be fine, it's your sisters shower and you are a good sister for having it. Just think, you will be pregnant before you know it! :)


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